Sawyer Water Filters & South Sudan

by Steve Roese
President, Water is Basic

Its official, parts of South Sudan are experiencing famine. More than 275,000 children are very, very hungry and malnourished. Crops have not been planted and those still poking out of the ground aren’t being harvested. Something very rare in our lifetime is now taking place: a human-made food crises. At its worst, a lack of forgiveness yields what seems to be the end of life and hope.

It takes you and I, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters thousands of miles away, to help them get through this crisis and to restore hope. When the words famine and genocide are used, certain responses are required of the world. Humanity is at risk, and we – by our own humanity and inter-connectedness – are required to respond.

While the relief agencies provide emergency food delivery, we are delivering Sawyer Water filters to 10,000 homes. These powerful filters eliminate 99.999% of the pathogens that make kids sick and so often lead to death. This simple but powerful filter is easily maintained and highly portable. We are eliminating one point of stress amidst the crisis and, because of the African spirit, each home will share with 4 others. That’s right - 50,000 homes means as many as 400,000 South Sudanese will experience the basic joy of water that gives life rather than taking it.

A young community member known by the Water Is Basic team in South Sudan.

A young community member known by the Water Is Basic team in South Sudan.

So, here is the deal -- all it takes to outfit a home with a bucket, a filter and the training to maintain a Sawyer Water Filter is $15.00. For the price of a good pizza or a couple of Philly cheese steaks, a home is given hope; hope they can take with them even if they have to flee to a refugee camp.

For years, Easter Outreach has helped us fix broken wells. We continue to fix wells as fast as we can. But, this year, we want your help responding to this humanitarian crisis by pushing us over the top of our filter goal. By working together across Philadelphia to fund 1,500 filters, Easter Outreach will meet the most basic of needs: clean water. Through Water Is Basic, consider supporting the purchase of a few Sawyer Water Filters today. Won’t you tell your friends of this unique opportunity too?

In 2017, with all the turmoil, social media craziness, news, fake news, and general anxiety, we get to give life and hope to thousands who have few other resources at hand. Now that’s a great way to celebrate Easter.

Learn more about Water Is Basic on their website or Facebook page. Also, visit the Easter Outreach Partners page to learn more about this partnerships. 

And consider giving today on the Easter Outreach Giving page as every dollar directly benefits families both locally and abroad.