Minister Vernetta Burger- Connecting Churches and her Community

Ms. Vernetta Burger is a Minister at Heart of Worship Restoration Center, located in the Olney area of Greater Philadelphia. Heart of Worship has been an integral part of Easter Outreach since 2016. This year they are planning to distribute over 700 meals to the 19120 zip code. Vernetta’s role over the last three years has been to oversee and coordinate the partner churches- this year, Heart of Worship will be partnering with Oasis City Church, Zion Fellowship Tabernacle Church, Upper Room Missionary Baptist Church, Triumphant Faith International Fellowship, and New Life Church Philadelphia as well as two new churches that joined just this year: Genesis Baptist Church and New Freedom. Vernetta also reaches out to the community to make sure they know about Easter Outreach and how to request an Easter Meal.

Over the last couple years, Vernetta has seen how her community has become more aware of Easter Outreach, allowing them to provide more meals and help more families in the area. As Easter Outreach has grown there have also been more opportunities to be involved, for fellowship, and for partnership with other churches. Easter Outreach has been a platform for both outreach and connection during the Easter season. Last year, one of the changes Vernetta was most excited about was the addition of fresh fruits and veggies to each of the boxes, “It was a great way to say, ‘Hey, we are here for you’”.

Minister Vernetta’s two favorite components of Easter Outreach are connecting with residents and helping other churches connect with the people in their surrounding neighborhoods. It is wonderful to hear the gratefulness of the residents and be able to share Christ’s love with them. But in addition to that, working with other churches to break the apprehension of reaching out to their communities and help them get to that ‘lightbulb moment’ of the Christian life beyond the normal Sunday is a wonderful experience.

In the future, Vernetta hopes that Easter Outreach will continue to serve more people and that it can become a household name- an event that the whole community can look forward to year after year. “We want our community to know they can count on us- even after Resurrection Sunday. We and them to know they have a resource- we are here for them throughout the year”.