Coming Full Circle: Liberti Mt. Airy Joins the Easter Outreach Effort

The Easter Outreach story starts with a small group of people and a newspaper article. Back in 2010, a team of people from Liberti Church East were trying to think through ways to better engage with their neighbors, impact their neighborhood, and put these ideas into action. Around this time, Ryan Egli, who was at the time a member of the church and a part of this team, read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirerwhich named an area of North Philly as the second hungriest congressional district in America. Realizing that Liberti East is also located in this area, Egli and the team asked, “what are the small things that we can do to be a part of the solution?” 

Back then, Liberti East was a small church plant still getting settled in the neighborhood. When they decided to give out 100 Easter dinners, they thought that it would be a nice way to meet some neighbors and celebrate the season, while simultaneously taking a small stab at the hunger problem. As they took meal requests, raised money, purchased food, and sought volunteers, they knew that they weren't going to fix Philly’s hunger problem. But they also knew that reaching out to people in need, entering into their homes, hearing their stories, praying with them, and inviting them to church could have a big effect, mentally and spiritually. 

“We didn't know what we were getting into,” says Egli. After the first Easter Outreach proved successful, he realized that “there’s a huge need for this. It could turn into an annual thing.”

The rest is history.

Now, in 2016, Egli finds himself experiencing Easter Outreach from a new and exciting perspective. In the fall of 2014, he and his family moved to Germantown, with the intention of starting a new church. He spent most of 2015 gathering a team, praying hard, and working toward launching Liberti Mt. Airy, which had its first regular worship service in November.

As the pastor of a new church plant, Egli finds himself in a familiar position. “We’re constantly trying to figure out ways to connect with neighbors.” Members of Liberti Church Mt. Airy are active in things like neighborhood associations and service days, but distributing meals on March 26 will help them to meet some more neighbors face-to-face. “As a church plant, when you're going into a neighborhood that's already established, especially with its churches,  it's a really big thing to go out and show that you're there to serve people.” 

Egli is excited to see how Easter Outreach will affect his congregation this year. “For me, it’s really gratifying to be on this end of it,” he says. While some of Liberti Mt. Airy’s members have served with Easter Outreach in previous years, it will be a totally new experience for others. “This is going to be a great thing for our folks.” 

To learn more about Liberti Church Mt. Airy, check out their website. Head over to our volunteer page to serve with Easter Outreach 2016.

Easter Outreach 2016 - Liberti Mt. Airy & New Covenant Church