Community partnership is the Essence of Easter Outreach.

Easter Outreach a communal effort of Christian Churches and organizations from many different denominational backgrounds, joining with their local community to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to extend his hope throughout the greater Philadelphia region. We believe that local, neighborhood churches are one of the best answers to some of humanity’s deepest problems. Easter Outreach seeks to empower such churches to better connect to and serve their neighbors through the distribution of Easter dinners.

Local Partners

Water is Basic

Easter Outreach is continuing it's partnership with a Texas-based International agency, Water Is Basic, to provide Sawyer water filters and to train families in their use. Easter Outreach efforts have previously focused on digging clean water wells in South Sudan. However, many families have been forcibly displaced due to violence in South Sudan. In these situations, a source of clean water is critical yet difficult to safely access. 

This year, Easter Outreach aims to provide 1,500 Sawyer water filters through Water Is Basic.  By providing Sawyer water filters, Water Is Basic can assure that families have access to basic necessity of clean water.

As 99.999% effective against bacteria, the Sawyer filter means people won’t get sick from their water. Families who receive this filter may cook, drink, and bathe with water that does not spread cholera and typhoid. The filter is small, portable, chemical-free, and works up to a decade before requiring a replacement. Each filter may be used by five families at once.

By raising $100,000, Easter Outreach 2017 will provide 5,000 meals locally ($14/meal per 1 family) and 1,500 filters internationally ($15/filter per 5 families). Through generosity and partnership, you can make a difference in the lives of six families for $29.

To learn more about Water Is Basic, watch the video below.